Two pizzas, Two timers.

You can setup more instances of the same timer: so you can bake two pizzas together but starting in different moments. Now it's up to you to catch the cooked one!


Distinct sounds.

Lot of sounds available, you can choose the right one for your own timers


From Appennini to Fujiyama.

While cooking you don't want to think about translations. That's why alDente speaks a lot of languages, probably even yours.

  • “Per ottimizzare i tempi nella frenesia della pausa pranzo! Ottima per le donne... ma assolutamente a prova d'uomo! (by Lalli28) ”
  • “Questa App mi semplifica la vita, in cucina, niente più conteggi da fare quando cucino più cose contemporaneamente. Semplice da usare ed efficace. (by Ike824)”
  • alDente - una App tutta marchigiana
    Siete imbranati come me in cucina o avete sempre la testa tra le nuvole ...
  • “This APP is great … i use it all the time when i cook… thank you Kite Labs! (by mgiunta)”